Limited Edition Nat Hab "Sparring Polar Bears" Custom Puzzle

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When winter weather hits the arctic, polar bears rejoice and head out on the ice to roam, hunt, and explore.  But when bad winter weather hits your area, you’re stuck at home without electricity.  What a perfect time to reflect on the mighty king of the arctic and work on this stunning, intricately carved custom wooden puzzle.  Perfect entertainment for those nights spent around a fire enjoying your indoor  time with friends, family, and a couple polar bears!

Our Limited Edition "Sparring Polar Bears" puzzle was custom made for Nat Hab by Liberty Puzzles in Boulder, Colorado

Contains dozens of hand-drawn “whimsy” pieces intricately cut into the shapes of characters, animals, and geometric designs. They are works of art within art. Whimsy pieces are cut in the shapes of recognizable objects, such as characters, animals, or complex geometric shapes. Puzzles usually contain whimsy pieces comprising 15-20% of the total. Sometimes whimsy pieces are located near each other as part of a group of characters (interrelating whimsy pieces) or are made up of several interlocking pieces (complex whimsy pieces)
Whimsy pieces and puzzle cut patterns are all hand-drawn by Liberty Puzzles designer here in Boulder, Colorado
Made with 1/4” plywood 
Advance print technology for eye-popping color
14.75" x 14.75"
486 pieces

Puzzle Care
If properly cared for, your puzzle will last for many years. Please use common sense. Keep your puzzle dry. Be careful when disassembling the pieces. Our whimsy pieces are intricate and can be fragile. If you have a broken or peeling piece, a bit of Elmer’s paper glue or any kind of wood glue should do the trick. Any “smoke” smell from the manufacturing process should dissipate quickly once the box is opened and the pieces air out.

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