Nat Hab Youth Expedition Kit

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Traveling with kids is a blast! Now they can really participate in the adventure with Nat Hab's Youth Expedition Kit. Designed especially for young travelers, 100% PET Recycled Polyester Youth Daypack (with plenty of pockets for rock collecting) comes with a Nat Hab Youth Stainless Steel Water Bottle and a Streamlight Enduro LED Headlamp.

* Please Note: Our Nat Hab Youth Expedition Kit is sent free of charge to young adventurers age 7 and younger only on our special Nat Hab Scheduled and Custom Family Departures. Young Adventurers ages 8 - 17 on these special Family Departures will receive our Nat Hab Travel Daypack, NHA Stainless Steel Water Bottle and Streamlight Enduro LED headlamp. It will be included in your Pre-Departure Briefing that we send 60-90 days prior to your trip.

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