Gloves & Hats

All our gloves and hats have been field-tested, and we've chosen the products we think are best suited for our adventures. Whether you're seeking to stay warm with the polar bears or keeping cool in the jungles of Costa Rica, we think you'll love our hand and head gear!

The impact on supply chains due to the pandemic continues. This creates challenges with fewer color options that are compatible with being in nature and observing wildlife. We apologize for any inconvenience if we do not currently have an item you wish to purchase or a color that you love. Thank you for your understanding.

  1. Women's Polar Glove Set
    Women's Polar Glove Set
  2. Men's Polar Glove Set
    Men's Polar Glove Set
  3. Nat Hab Guide Cap
    Nat Hab Guide Cap
  4. Nat Hab Sun and Wind Shield
    Nat Hab Sun and Wind Shield
  5. Nat Hab Travel Trucker Hat
    Nat Hab Travel Trucker Hat
  6. Nat Hab Tropical Cap
    Nat Hab Tropical Cap
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