The Galapagos: Exploring Darwin's Tapestry

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Author: John Hess, Michael Brooks, et al.

Darwin tested and refined his idea for decades before he was persuaded to go public in 1859 by publishing The Origin of Species. Today this remote archipelago is the destination of vast numbers of visitors who hope to see what Darwin saw and to experience the aura of this extraordinary place.

The Galapagos ecosystem, a tapestry of living things, is probably the best preserved of any in the world. Like all ecosystems, it is made of many components that are interwoven and interdependent; Darwin's idea explains how such tapestries are organized as well as how they are created.

Now, in spectacular pictures and insightful prose, The Galapagos: Exploring Darwin's Tapestry opens the Galapagos experience to general listeners. With an extensive background in ornithology and evolutionary ecology, a lifetime of experience as naturalist and photographer, and a deep respect for his subjects, John Hess has produced a celebration of these 'Enchanted Islands'.

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